Make The Decision to Change

“My intention when utilising hypnosis as a therapeutic tool is to help my clients overcome whatever problems they present with, as quickly as possible.”

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Stop Smoking

After qualifying in 1995 as a hypnotherapist,
Freddy quickly realised he could hypnotise
more than one person at a time.

This lead to him working with over 25,000 people in
groups of 200 people at a time to help them overcome
the smoking habit.

Usually, one session is sufficient to convert a smoker into a non-smoker. 

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Hypno Gastric Band

You may have seen Hypnosis stage shows where the hypnotist gives the hypnotised subject an onion and tells them it’s a peach and the person then eats it and enjoys it as a peach.

The virtual Hypno Gastric band taps into this phenomena. The client is hypnotised into believing that they are experiencing an actual Gastric Band operation, and that their stomach size has been reduced to the size of a tennis ball or golf ball. The client then experiences this as reality and cannot physically eat more than a small portion of food.

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Arrow Technique

Most of us have experienced freedom from pain, in situations where we have been distracted by something interesting.

Before the discovery of chloroform, in Asia and the Far East. Hypnosis was the accepted technique for pain control and anaesthesia. Thousands of operation and amputations were carried out under Hypnosis.

The Arrow Technique utilises hypnosis to change perception, dissociation, direct and indirect suggestions and symbolism to eliminate physical and emotional pain and discomfort.

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