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Freddy Jacquin


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“My belief is the only person in the therapy room who knows the answer to their problem and has the resources to resolve it, is the client themselves. My job is to help the client access their inner strength and resources, change the underlying habitual behaviours that underpin the problem and ultimately achieve freedom from it.”

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In St Louis working with MMA stars James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson and Josh”Big Country” Lanier. Freddy regularly works with elite athletes to squeeze every last drop of power performance from them. 

Freddy often hosts sold out hypnotherapy workshops in Brazil. The Jacquin hypnosis brand is still going strong in this hypnosis mad country after many years!

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Reflections on the year so far

My hypnotherapy business and particularly our hypnotherapy training company, has enabled me to travel to some incredible places and meet some incredible hypnotists and hypnotherapist. 

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