Fred Talks

Some of the greatest therapists of our age share their valuable insights and knowledge with Freddy and his students.

Derry Cooke Fred Talk

Hamand Vaid,”The Somatic Essence of the Hypnotic Experience”

Freddy Jacquin ‘Love is all you need’ 

Lori Hammond, methods, techniques and strategies for weight loss and physical goals

Kelley T Woods: Fred Talk

Richard Hill, Mirroring hands, Fred Talk

Helena Jehnichen, 7 Keys to the Emotion Code, Fred Talk

Dr Flävio Grzybowski Fred Talk

James Hazlerig (Makers of Meaning) Fred Talk

Alberto Dell’isola, How to utilize social media specifically, to increase your hypnotherapy business.

Victoria Marie Gallagher FredTalk presentation on Practical Law of Attraction

Hypnotic Facilitation – Contrasting ‘Tight’ and ‘Loose’ Approaches

Amanda Hassall FredTalk Hypnotic-Ho’oponopono

Mike Mandel, FredTalk presentation, Is Ego states the missing ingredient?

Rob De Groof FredTalk, Mentalism for Hypnotherapists

Kaz Riley’s, FredTalk: Connection, with ourselves, within our relationships and with our clients.

Ines Maria Antonia Simpson talks about her Simpson Protocol. Content free, Hypnotherapy.

Beryl Coma presents a FredTalk. Topic: Emotional intelligence, The broken Heart Protocol.

Here’s a taste of our guest speakers scheduled for 2020: Graeme Harvey – Archie McIntyre | Dates to follow.


Freddy Jacquin is the Founder of the UK Hypnotherapy Training College. This book ‘Hypnotherapy’ describes his methods, techniques that he has personally developed and his own beliefs and philosophies on how and why hypnosis works. His goal in writing this book is to enable anyone to learn how to hypnotise and to use that skill to help themselves and others.