Pain Elimination Event – Hull

Pain Elimination Event – Hull

On the 10th of November at The Freedom Centre in Hull I will be running a pain elimination event.

I have made the event Free for anyone in pain, to attend. The room seats around 200 people and I hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to free themselves from either their physical or any emotional pain they be suffering.

I will be using a psychological technique developed by me, known as The Arrow. This technique is being used by 1000s of practitioners around the world in situations where pain control medication is no longer effective, or

My hope and belief, is that anyone who attends the event will have their suffering eliminated or drastically reduced

I intend to continue to run these events throughout the UK and around the world, until the medical profession and especially the NHS can no longer ignore the efficacy of this non, drug, pain treatment.

Opiate addiction is now at epidemic levels and yet Medical Practitioners continue to dish them out like sweets, encouraged and rewarded by the Drug industries.

There is no profit for the drug manufacturers in a treatment for pain that only involves words, and that can be applied in minutes.

As I say to clients that ask for my help in overcoming the pain that they are suffering, ‘I am not going to give you any pills or potions, its only words, just your imagination, so what have you to lose but the pain?’

If you know anyone in East Yorkshire that is suffering send them along.

If you would like to put on a pain elimination event in your area and would like me to come and use The Arrow to free people in your part of the world, or train with me and enable yourself to do it let me know.

Between us we can change the way people live, eliminate unnecessary suffering and change the minds of many who think that drugs are the only answer for relief of chronic pain.

I will link each event to a local charity and donations will be on a voluntary basis, the event at The Freedom Centre will be in aid of Dove Hospice.

Hip No Therapy event in York

Hip No Therapy event in York


Yesterday I held the first of my Hip No Therapy event in Fulford, York. As usually is the case with hypnosis gatherings, there were some great people there. Some had travelled many miles to be there and I thank them for believing enough to make the journey. 

My wife asked me as I was preparing to leave to go to the venue, what I was going to do at the Hip No Therapy day, a strange question, considering that she has lived with me for over twenty years and knows that I rarely know what day it is, never mind what I am going to do.

I told her honestly that I had no idea but I trusted that something would come to me by the time I arrived at the venue.

My friend and virtual PA Deborah Plumb, (I say virtual because she doesn’t get paid) arrived and drove me to the venue. Stuart Hamilton my web designer had been recruited to film the event, unfortunately, we discovered that he had no idea how a camera works, fortunately, he is a quick learner.

The idea was that the day would consist of the audience asking me questions and asking for demonstrations of techniques and my methods of working but as usual, once I got talking it was a case of me speaking and everyone else trying to get a word in edgewise.

The Event

The first demonstration was what I like to call the Armotion induction a name given to the induction by my son Anthony because it involves, (you guessed it) the arm and emotion. Louise Downey was kind enough to volunteer to be the demo subject.


A question was asked by Tracy Woods about Parts Work or Parts Negotiation as I like to term it and unconscious communication. I explained how I use PN for phobias and habitual problem including smoking, cocaine and eating disorders. Then Tracy was good enough to volunteer to experience Part Negotiation to enhance a positive feeling.


Jacquin Power lift

Ann Varney allowed me to demonstrate the Jacquin Power lift induction with her and used the trance to demonstrate that laughter can sometimes actually be the best medicine.

We had a 45 minute break for lunch in which I stayed in the main event room, because if I eat I have to stop talking and as I stated, once I start it is hard for me to stop. A few intrepid members of the audience stayed so I stuck one to his chair and stuck another one’s eyes together just for fun, as any serious professional would.

After lunch, I demonstrated how I hypnotise a group of people by hypnotising everyone in the room as a group, with the exception of Stuart my ‘Camera’ man because I think he thought I may accuse him of sleeping on the job.

Angela Milburn kindly volunteered to be the demo subject, for my take on Quantum Healing which I combined with The Arrow technique. I demonstrated hand to eye induction to help Angela enter into hypnosis. 

The use of the Arrow technique to increase Motivation and determination was demonstrated with Deborah plumb using the Elman induction to induce hypnosis.

We discussed many aspects of Hypnotherapy and the problems and perceived limitation that clients present with including healing, pain, smoking, fear, panic, eating disorders, loss and how to increase positive resources with us.

The day was only successful because of the audience participation, their questions and their thoughts and their sharing of their own experiences in helping others.

I hope they enjoyed the day as much as I did.