My Book – Now Available In Audio

My Book – Now Available In Audio

The making of ‘Hypnotherapy’ methods, techniques and philosophies of Freddy H Jacquin.

I started my career in Hypnosis/hypnotherapy in 1995, how I got into it is another story for another day. In the early 2000s my son Anthony joined me in the business of changing lives. He also had an interest in mentalism and performance magic. Anthony wrote the book ‘Reality is Plastic’, which has gone on to be one of the most respected books on ‘how to do hypnosis’. Many of the world’s most renowned Hypnotherapist and hypnotist started their journey into hypnosis after having read Anthony’s book.

I have been lucky enough to have had him as a son, business partner and travelling companion for many years. His book created a worldwide audience for our method of working with clients and training people in the art of hypnosis. We have taught students in Australia, Malaysia, America, Germany, Brazil, France, Vienna, Belgium, Bucharest and of course the UK.

On our training courses, although we have a set agenda, (I say ‘us’ but I mean Anthony) I tend to at times go off on a tangent and tell stories about my experiences in the therapy room to illustrate a point (that’s my excuse). Although for the students listening they may be interesting, and I hope entertaining, I forget that my son has heard them a thousand times.

Whether, in an attempt, to help me get these stories out of my system or because of a genuine belief in the value of them Anthony has for some years been encouraging me to write a book detailing our methods of working and to tell some of my stories.

I believe so strongly in the value of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool that I want as many people to learn to use hypnosis as possible. Not just hypnotherapist or medical professionals but teachers, parents and even kids.

For many years I believed that hypnosis was a natural phenomena. I now believe that it is a natural ability that everyone has but like whistling, riding a bike or swimming, we have, to learn to use it consciously, purposely.

I believe we are whether we know it or not, hypnotising others and being hypnotised by others every day.

I wanted to write a book that would enable people to have this understanding, to recognise that, the majority, of our perceived limitations, are just negative trance states that we have been put into by other people, and sometimes by ourselves.

To teach people how to utilise trance to help others and themselves and how to eliminate any limiting, negative trance that may be holding them back and stopping them from achieving their potential.

So, with the encouragement and belief of a handful of people, I have written what I hope is an easy to read, easy to learn and easy to use manual on my methods and techniques and some cases where I have used them.

I am pleased to say that my book ‘Hypnotherapy’ is now available as an audiobook I have added five bonus chapters in which I am narrating some of the techniques in the book in a way for the listener to use as a hypnotherapy session for personal change and development.

Us this link to sign up to Audible and you get my book for free