Stop smoking event Hull

Freedom centre Hull

12 January 2019


Stop smoking event.

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Quit smoking easily and effortlessly.

If you no longer want to spend thousands of pounds a year on a something you no longer enjoy … if you worry about the negative impact smoking has on your health and your family… then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

Over the last 25 years I have helped 20,000 people quit smoking and on the 12th January I will be hosting an event in Hull which will offer you the opportunity to stamp cigarettes out of your life permanently.


If you are anything like me, you hate being told what to do and being spoken to as if you were a child, and stupid.

Smokers are forever being preached to about the dangers of smoking, how it impacts on their family, their health and how much it costs, as if you don’t know that already.

So, I won’t tell you about the tens of thousands you will save, you may already have millions, I don’t know. I am not going to preach to you about the health hazards, you have heard that enough, and after all it’s your body, and I will not hypnotise you so that you can’t smoke, or try to make cigarettes taste disgusting, (although that would not be difficult to do).

I have adult sons and I don’t even have the right to tell them what to do, so I don’t believe I have the right (even if I could) to force you to do something.

I assume because you are reading this that you would like to quit smoking, but don’t feel that you can, or don’t feel you have a choice in it.

Here is how I work, and why if you decide to work with me, you will quit smoking forever.

What I will do is, (if you want to work with me and make the commitment to give up), I will give you back the choice. I promise you the need and desire for a cigarette will be gone, and you will have two choices back, the same two choices you had when you were a kid before you had your first cigarette.

My hope is that as an adult knowing what you know now, when you have the choice back, you will choose not to smoke, but it will be your choice not anyone else’s. Therefore, you can take the credit and the pride in knowing you made that choice of your own free will.

I believe you will make that choice and I am so sure that you will, that if after you have been to see me you decide you still want to smoke, you can call and ask for your money back, and I will refund you, no questions asked.

So, as I like to say, ‘What have you got to lose but the habit?’ And if you book early (one of the first 50) you will get a £10 discount off the ticket price. 

I look forward to seeing you and freeing you from the habit FOREVER!

I am offering a lifetime gaurantee.

The cost is £65 to attend the event and if you don’t quit permanently you can have your money back with no questions asked.

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