Earlier this year, my son Anthony and I released my quit smoking protocol, for hypnotherapists.

This is a method that I have personally used to help more than 20,000 smokers, throughout my time as a hypnotherapist.

Anthony then suggested (well he is a great hypnotist) that I write a book for the public to help them quit smoking, jokingly referred to as the ‘Freddy Carr’ book.

As soon as I started to write the book it was obvious that unless I was to fill the book with interesting but useless facts about tobacco, the chemicals, nicotine, death count, health facts, financial costs and nice cut and pasted quotes from very clever people, the book was not going to be a book but a booklet.

As nice and thick, and clever as a book filled with facts and figures would be, I figured due to my experience in helping thousands of smokers, quit the habit, that the person seeking help to quit smoking doesn’t want to be preached to, or baffled with facts and figures, they just want to be free of the habit, so I chose, to write the book without the fluff and BS.

What emerged was a booklet with everything I would say and do in my quit smoking session. I then recorded an audio hypnotherapy session to accompany the book.

For many years my USP was that I offered a money back guaranteed, with my quit smoking hypnotherapy. Many people asked me why I did this, for me it was a simple explanation and a simple example. Once I had a tap that was dripping and I called out a plumber, and he charged me £90 to fix the tap but when he had finished the tap was still dripping, I was reluctant to pay him for a job he had not successfully completed. I felt the same with my quit smoking hypnotherapy, I wouldn’t take a payment for something I had not done successfully.

With this in mind I decided to create the first Honesty Project for quitting smoking.

The idea being that anyone can subscribe and download the quit smoking booklet and audio session. Read the booklet and listen to the audio and ONLY when they have quit the smoking habit and are free of the need for a cigarette or any other form of smoking (and only if they wanted to, (because I will never know) then pay.

The fees that hypnotherapists charge to help people quit smoking vary vastly, with some charging £500 +.

I concluded that if the quit smoking booklet and audio session was priced at less than a single packet of cigarettes (UK) that would be a fair price to charge, £10.00 was settled on, 50% of which will be donated to children’s Hospice’s.

I am lucky to have met through my hypnotherapy training some wonderful, skilful people around the world, some that I now consider to be my friends.

One of these wonderful people is Felicia J Ursarescu who resides in Rome. I sent the booklet to her because I value her opinion, and she has proof reading skills beyond mine.

Felicia surprised me by translating the booklet into Italian and Romanian.

I asked my Romanian friend and incredible hypnotherapist Eugen Popa, if he would record the audio and he kindly agreed to do so.

I then asked My Italian friend Jay De Bias if he would record the audio in Italian and he also agreed to do it.

Then I approached my Portuguese friend Ricardo Costa and asked him if he would translate the booklet and record the audio, he also agreed to do it.

I was so pleased that my little quit smoking booklet and audio were going to be available in four different languages, that I put a post on Facebook and asked if anyone else would be interested in taking part in the project.

Over night offers to translate and record the audio into more than thirty languages came in.

This meant that the project would be available and understood by Billions of people.

What started out as a quit smoking product that a few people could access and understand, has turned into, what could be the biggest quit smoking project ever.

Some of the translations and audios are still a work in progress.

Below are the language options that are available right now.

Brazilian Portuguese: Contributor: Felipe Gomez: website: https://www.felipegonzalez.com.br

Italian: Contributor: Felicia J Ursarescu: website: https://rivadu.com

Hungarian: Contributor: Hildegard Marton: website: https://praxis-marton.de

Gujarati: Contributor: Priti Rawal: website: https://pearlface.com

Romanian: Contributor: Felicia J Ursarescu: website: https://rivadu.com

American (male Voice): Contributor: Scott Grossberg: website: https://www.thinkingmagically.com

American (Female voice): Contributor: Lori Hammond: website: https://trancypants.com

Irish (Female voice): Contributor: Tracey Kelly: Website: https://tracekelly.com

British: Contributor: Freddy Jacquin: website: https://freddyjacquin.com

Below is the link to the website where you can subscribe and download the booklet and audio hypnotherapy session.

Please share this with all your contacts and let’s see how many people/smokers and children we can help have a happier, healthier life.

If just one person quits smoking because of this project and has a healthier life, then this project has been worthwhile, if millions quit it will be phenomenal.

Thank you