Throughout my career as a Hypnotherapist I have witnessed some incredible, some may say miraculous changes in people.

Clients who had been hooked on drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and nicotine, free of the need for their chosen addiction through the use of hypnosis.

Clients who had been in pain for years, freed of the pain, sometime in a matter of minutes.

Clients who had, had their life blighted and restricted by immobilising fear and panic attacks, freed to live their life to the full.

Obese clients who were slowly killing themselves with food and fizzy drinks, losing their excess weight and returning to a healthy weight and happiness.

All of the above have given me immense satisfaction in the work that I have done utilising hypnosis as an agent of change.

This month my son Anthony and I travelled to India to teach our Hypnotherapy methods and techniques. We arrived in Hyderabad, to be greeted off the plane with a bunch of flowers for each of us. The kindness and respect for our teachings continued throughout our time in Hyderabad where we shared our methods with more than 100 students. There were many Doctors, Dentist and alternative therapists present in the class.

Anthony and I then flew to Kochi in Kerala one of the most southerly cities on the Indian continent. There are no words to describe what a wonderful place Kerala is, or the natural kindness of the Keralites that we have had the pleasure of meeting.

Once again, our course was attended by many students one of which was a Yogi Master who some years previously had been involved in a road accident in which he suffered a broken neck, along with other extensive injuries. Since his accident, through steely determination and his spiritual and religious beliefs, he had worked his way back to almost full health but was left with pain and stiffness around his neck and shoulders.

I demonstrated the Arrow chronic pain control technique and the Yogi came forward along with three other students as a demonstration subject.

After the demonstration all of the four were free of pain.

The Yogi Master then to the amazement of everyone in the room said that since his accident he had not been able to execute his favourite Yoga position, ‘The Head stand’. He asked me if he could try it, bearing in mind that, he had a broken neck I said that the decision, had to be his. He said to me that if he can’t do it now, he will never be able to do it. I told him never to say never and whatever was about to happen, it does not mean the end of hope.

He then proceeded to execute the yoga move for the first time since his accident, perfectly, to the cheers and applause of everyone present.

When he had finished and he had returned to his feet, he hugged me, and with tears in his eyes, blessed me. There was many a tear shed in this incredible moment.

In the moment of completing the yoga position, years of fear had been eliminated along with the chronic pain that he had been suffering. In that moment I learned that we should all face our fears head on (quite literally sometimes) and eliminate them.