In the Autumn of last year my mother was taken really ill and was rushed into hospital. She had been given a repeat prescription by her doctor, but the doctor had not made it clear that the medication was for one month only. My mother continued to take the drugs for eighteen months. When the doctor realised her mistake, she immediately stopped the prescription, but by then the drugs had destroyed my mother’s kidneys, and she went into kidney failure, and the prognosis was very poor. My mother lived in the south of England and I live in the North East. I drove to see her and she was in a very poor physical condition and in incredible pain, unable to move, apart from her left arm and hand.I have used and trained others to use what is known as ‘The Arrow Technique’ for pain elimination and control. I Hypnotised my Mum, then used the Arrow Technique and what I call Quantum Healing. I stayed with her as long as possible before returning home to East Yorkshire, believing that it may be the last time, I would see her.

I received a phone call the next day from her partner, to say that my Mum was out of bed, free of pain and looking forward to returning to her flat. By that Thursday she was home, which was nothing less than miraculous.

I made a decision there and then that I would never again charge anyone, to help them overcome physical pain.

Unfortunately, my Mum passed away in January, her body finally succumbed to the damage that had been done. She had though been free of the excruciating pain that she had been in. She was 88 years old, she had been loved and admired, and died in the arms of the man she loved. To be loved and not die alone, I believe is all we can hope for.

This year I have been introduced to Zoom the online video platform. Helped by Lori Hammond, who took the time to show me how to use Zoom, I am now able to run online seminars, for hundreds of participants at a time.

at the beginning of February I set up the first of my FREE to attend Freedom from pain seminars, scheduled for the 11th of February. I am pleased and amazed to say that over 160 people attended the seminar. You can see a recording of the session here.

I will be running one of these seminars every month, the next one being held on the 11th March at 9pm. At the time of writing this post (13th February) there are already 157 people booked for the seminar.

There will never be a fee for attending these events, my goal being to help as many people as possible out of pain, whether that pain is physical, emotional or psychological.

There is an opiate epidemic, with millions if not billions of people addicted to pain relief drugs, my intention is to show those who want to be free of their pain and drugs, that there is another way.

If you know of anyone who is suffering or you yourself are suffering from chronic, useless, unnecessary pain of any kind join me on one of my seminars and free yourself forever.

If you would love to learn how to help others, I will be running online training on the Arrow Technique