Galaxy of the Stars Presentation by Freddy Jacquin


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On February 6th & 7th, 2021 Freddy Jacquin Presented ‘RAPID CHANGE PHENOMENA’ as part of The Galaxy of the Stars Educational Symposium – organised by IACT/IMDHA.

Hailed as ‘The Virtual Hypno-event of 2021’ Freddy presented and demonstrated hypnotherapy methods and techniques from his bestselling book ‘Hypnotherapy’ for over 5 hours to the highly engaged audience.

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Watch Freddy perform: the ‘Arrow Technique’, to help you help yourself and others eliminate chronic physical and psychological pain.
TPM (Total Perception Management) how to have complete control of your emotions.
The Jacquin Time Machine, the ability to rapidly re-evaluate and overcome past traumatic events within minutes.
Freddy also demonstrates the power of love as a vehicle to rapidly induce trance.