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New Idea For Hypno Brain Expansion

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THE BRAIN UPGRADE AND EXPANSION GROUP came from a discussion on my Facebook group page ‘Freddy Jacquin Hypnosis Network’, about AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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The more that computers can program and upgrade themselves, the more it’s feared they will take over the world.

I pointed out that
we already have the most powerful computer between our ears. So I suggested us hypnotists and hypnotherapists work together, and help each other to program and upgrade our brains.

With the use of the internet, we get the chance to learn from other Hypno-colleagues from all over the world. We can have fun meeting people we usually wouldn’t get to meet.

I initially thought maybe two or three people would be interested but I was wrong, we now have hundreds of hypnotists from all over the globe involved. This is the equivalent of having access to hundreds if not thousands of years of hypnotic experience and learning that we can share and grow from.

By linking up with your Hypno-partner and working together to increase: memory, creative thought, confidence, ability, skills and general brilliance – we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Never before in the history of mankind have so many had so much access to so much brilliance – so let’s use it. But above all else, have fun meeting new and incredible people.

We can report our successes but remember if you can’t say something nice, bite your tongue, we are among friends, let’s lift each other up, so that we can see even further.

This is the purpose of this mass hook up. You can work as often or as little as you want with your Hypno partner and every four weeks I will reshuffle the pack, and we can meet and work with someone else.


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