Earlier this year, my son Anthony and I released my quit smoking protocol, for hypnotherapists.

This is a method that I have personally used to help more than 20,000 smokers, throughout my time as a hypnotherapist.

Anthony then suggested (well he is a great hypnotist) that I write a book for the public to help them quit smoking, jokingly referred to as the ‘Freddy Carr’ book.

As soon as I started to write the book it was obvious that unless I was to fill the book with interesting but useless facts about tobacco, the chemicals, nicotine, death count, health facts, financial costs and nice cut and pasted quotes from very clever people, the book was not going to be a book but a booklet.

As nice and thick, and clever as a book filled with facts and figures would be, I figured due to my experience in helping thousands of smokers, quit the habit, that the person seeking help to quit smoking doesn’t want to be preached to, or baffled with facts and figures, they just want to be free of the habit, so I chose, to write the book without the fluff and BS.

What emerged was a booklet with everything I would say and do in my quit smoking session. I then recorded an audio hypnotherapy session to accompany the book.

For many years my USP was that I offered a money back guaranteed, with my quit smoking hypnotherapy. Many people asked me why I did this, for me it was a simple explanation and a simple example. Once I had a tap that was dripping and I called out a plumber, and he charged me £90 to fix the tap but when he had finished the tap was still dripping, I was reluctant to pay him for a job he had not successfully completed. I felt the same with my quit smoking hypnotherapy, I wouldn’t take a payment for something I had not done successfully.

With this in mind I decided to create the first Honesty Project for quitting smoking.

The idea being that anyone can subscribe and download the quit smoking booklet and audio session. Read the booklet and listen to the audio and ONLY when they have quit the smoking habit and are free of the need for a cigarette or any other form of smoking (and only if they wanted to, (because I will never know) then pay.

The fees that hypnotherapists charge to help people quit smoking vary vastly, with some charging £500 +.

I concluded that if the quit smoking booklet and audio session was priced at less than a single packet of cigarettes (UK) that would be a fair price to charge, £10.00 was settled on, 50% of which will be donated to children’s Hospice’s.

I am lucky to have met through my hypnotherapy training some wonderful, skilful people around the world, some that I now consider to be my friends.

One of these wonderful people is Felicia J Ursarescu who resides in Rome. I sent the booklet to her because I value her opinion, and she has proof reading skills beyond mine.

Felicia surprised me by translating the booklet into Italian and Romanian.

I asked my Romanian friend and incredible hypnotherapist Eugen Popa, if he would record the audio and he kindly agreed to do so.

I then asked My Italian friend Jay De Bias if he would record the audio in Italian and he also agreed to do it.

Then I approached my Portuguese friend Ricardo Costa and asked him if he would translate the booklet and record the audio, he also agreed to do it.

I was so pleased that my little quit smoking booklet and audio were going to be available in four different languages, that I put a post on Facebook and asked if anyone else would be interested in taking part in the project.

Over night offers to translate and record the audio into more than thirty languages came in.

This meant that the project would be available and understood by Billions of people.

What started out as a quit smoking product that a few people could access and understand, has turned into, what could be the biggest quit smoking project ever.

Some of the translations and audios are still a work in progress.

Below are the language options that are available right now.

Brazilian Portuguese: Contributor: Felipe Gomez: website: https://www.felipegonzalez.com.br

Italian: Contributor: Felicia J Ursarescu: website: https://rivadu.com

Hungarian: Contributor: Hildegard Marton: website: https://praxis-marton.de

Gujarati: Contributor: Priti Rawal: website: https://pearlface.com

Romanian: Contributor: Felicia J Ursarescu: website: https://rivadu.com

American (male Voice): Contributor: Scott Grossberg: website: https://www.thinkingmagically.com

American (Female voice): Contributor: Lori Hammond: website: https://trancypants.com

Irish (Female voice): Contributor: Tracey Kelly: Website: https://tracekelly.com

British: Contributor: Freddy Jacquin: website: https://freddyjacquin.com

Below is the link to the website where you can subscribe and download the booklet and audio hypnotherapy session.

Please share this with all your contacts and let’s see how many people/smokers and children we can help have a happier, healthier life.

If just one person quits smoking because of this project and has a healthier life, then this project has been worthwhile, if millions quit it will be phenomenal.

Thank you



What I learned from a Yogi Master in Kerala, India.

What I learned from a Yogi Master in Kerala, India.

Throughout my career as a Hypnotherapist I have witnessed some incredible, some may say miraculous changes in people.

Clients who had been hooked on drugs such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol and nicotine, free of the need for their chosen addiction through the use of hypnosis.

Clients who had been in pain for years, freed of the pain, sometime in a matter of minutes.

Clients who had, had their life blighted and restricted by immobilising fear and panic attacks, freed to live their life to the full.

Obese clients who were slowly killing themselves with food and fizzy drinks, losing their excess weight and returning to a healthy weight and happiness.

All of the above have given me immense satisfaction in the work that I have done utilising hypnosis as an agent of change.

This month my son Anthony and I travelled to India to teach our Hypnotherapy methods and techniques. We arrived in Hyderabad, to be greeted off the plane with a bunch of flowers for each of us. The kindness and respect for our teachings continued throughout our time in Hyderabad where we shared our methods with more than 100 students. There were many Doctors, Dentist and alternative therapists present in the class.

Anthony and I then flew to Kochi in Kerala one of the most southerly cities on the Indian continent. There are no words to describe what a wonderful place Kerala is, or the natural kindness of the Keralites that we have had the pleasure of meeting.

Once again, our course was attended by many students one of which was a Yogi Master who some years previously had been involved in a road accident in which he suffered a broken neck, along with other extensive injuries. Since his accident, through steely determination and his spiritual and religious beliefs, he had worked his way back to almost full health but was left with pain and stiffness around his neck and shoulders.

I demonstrated the Arrow chronic pain control technique and the Yogi came forward along with three other students as a demonstration subject.

After the demonstration all of the four were free of pain.

The Yogi Master then to the amazement of everyone in the room said that since his accident he had not been able to execute his favourite Yoga position, ‘The Head stand’. He asked me if he could try it, bearing in mind that, he had a broken neck I said that the decision, had to be his. He said to me that if he can’t do it now, he will never be able to do it. I told him never to say never and whatever was about to happen, it does not mean the end of hope.

He then proceeded to execute the yoga move for the first time since his accident, perfectly, to the cheers and applause of everyone present.

When he had finished and he had returned to his feet, he hugged me, and with tears in his eyes, blessed me. There was many a tear shed in this incredible moment.

In the moment of completing the yoga position, years of fear had been eliminated along with the chronic pain that he had been suffering. In that moment I learned that we should all face our fears head on (quite literally sometimes) and eliminate them.

The reason I will never again Charge to help someone free themselves from pain.

The reason I will never again Charge to help someone free themselves from pain.

In the Autumn of last year my mother was taken really ill and was rushed into hospital. She had been given a repeat prescription by her doctor, but the doctor had not made it clear that the medication was for one month only. My mother continued to take the drugs for eighteen months. When the doctor realised her mistake, she immediately stopped the prescription, but by then the drugs had destroyed my mother’s kidneys, and she went into kidney failure, and the prognosis was very poor. My mother lived in the south of England and I live in the North East. I drove to see her and she was in a very poor physical condition and in incredible pain, unable to move, apart from her left arm and hand.I have used and trained others to use what is known as ‘The Arrow Technique’ for pain elimination and control. I Hypnotised my Mum, then used the Arrow Technique and what I call Quantum Healing. I stayed with her as long as possible before returning home to East Yorkshire, believing that it may be the last time, I would see her.

I received a phone call the next day from her partner, to say that my Mum was out of bed, free of pain and looking forward to returning to her flat. By that Thursday she was home, which was nothing less than miraculous.

I made a decision there and then that I would never again charge anyone, to help them overcome physical pain.

Unfortunately, my Mum passed away in January, her body finally succumbed to the damage that had been done. She had though been free of the excruciating pain that she had been in. She was 88 years old, she had been loved and admired, and died in the arms of the man she loved. To be loved and not die alone, I believe is all we can hope for.

This year I have been introduced to Zoom the online video platform. Helped by Lori Hammond, who took the time to show me how to use Zoom, I am now able to run online seminars, for hundreds of participants at a time.

at the beginning of February I set up the first of my FREE to attend Freedom from pain seminars, scheduled for the 11th of February. I am pleased and amazed to say that over 160 people attended the seminar. You can see a recording of the session here.

I will be running one of these seminars every month, the next one being held on the 11th March at 9pm. At the time of writing this post (13th February) there are already 157 people booked for the seminar.

There will never be a fee for attending these events, my goal being to help as many people as possible out of pain, whether that pain is physical, emotional or psychological.

There is an opiate epidemic, with millions if not billions of people addicted to pain relief drugs, my intention is to show those who want to be free of their pain and drugs, that there is another way.

If you know of anyone who is suffering or you yourself are suffering from chronic, useless, unnecessary pain of any kind join me on one of my seminars and free yourself forever.

If you would love to learn how to help others, I will be running online training on the Arrow Technique

How to choose a hypnotherapy trainer

How to choose a hypnotherapy trainer

Quality vs Quantity 

When I set out on my career as a hypnotherapist in the early 1990s, the idea of being a full-time hypnotherapist or making a career out of hypnosis seemed fool hardy to say the least.

In the UK in 1988 there were less than 70 hypnotherapy training providers this number increased to 130 by 1997. Today if you search google for hypnotherapy training UK you will get, 890, 000 results.

It seems that almost daily there is another new hypnotherapy training school’s being created, each teaching, supposedly new and better forms of hypnotherapy, created, with some wonderful names. Most, if not all are rehashed forms of hypnotherapy that have existed for years. Each of these training schools give certification on completing the training, beautiful certificates that mean absolutely nothing in the real world.

There is no government approved governing body for hypnotherapy in the UK. Anyone can call themselves a Hypnotherapist or Psychotherapist in the UK, with or without any training. Anyone can print and give diplomas to those they teach no matter how poor the training may be.

In 1995 I trained with International Association of Hypno Analysts I.A.H.A. (I have a diploma to prove it). A very important sounding Association, when actually the I.A.H.A was one man’s very outdated, version of hypnotherapy, taught in his house in Bournemouth.

In 1999 I founded The UK Hypnotherapy Training College (UKHTC) and the UK Hypnotherapy Association (UKHA). Again, a very important sounding college, when in fact it was yet again one man’s (mine) version of hypnotherapy taught in an office in Kent.

In 2008 The first Batchelor of Science in Clinical Hypnosis degree course in the UK was opened at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, London. I decided as this was a legitimate degree from a legitimate Established University, I would do the course. In 2011, I was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science in Clinical Hypnosis with Honours. BSc (Hons). (I have a beautiful piece of paper to prove it). This course was so poor it was closed down. I could in five days teach you to be a more effective, efficient and competent Hypnotherapist, than anyone who had spent 3 years doing that BSc course.

I can hand on heart tell you that not one of the more than 30,000 clients I have helped has asked to see my qualifications.

Recently Hypnotherapy training has been going down the same road that NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and MLM (Multi, Level, Marketing). With NLP it went something like this. (Practitioner Training), (Master Practitioner training), (Trainers Training), (Trainers, Trainers, training). In MLM it’s, get two customers then start recruiting, recruiters to recruit recruiters.

Now we have schools of Hypnotherapy training students to become hypnotherapist, but before the student has started work as a Therapist, offering them training to become trainers in that school and form of hypnotherapy, hence we end up in the situation we now have in the UK and throughout the world with tens of thousands of hypnotherapy training schools, with less than 2% of students able to truly effectively help anyone or make a living as a hypnotherapist.

How do you sift the wheat from the chaff? Here is a suggestion (my opinion only), ask the person offering to train you, how many clients they have personally seen, and helped using the methods they are teaching’. If that number is in the 10s rather than 100s or 1000s find another trainer.

All of the above as I always say is just my opinion.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

What a heroin addict taught me about quitting smoking.

What a heroin addict taught me about quitting smoking.

When I first became a Hypnotherapist, I was told that smoking cigarettes were an addiction, and quitting smoking, was one of the hardest things anyone could do. All the medical papers and research studies on smoking tobacco, (many carried out by the tobacco companies) concluded the same.

The first line of the NHS quit smoking advise papers, states Nicotine is highly addictive and quitting smoking will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. (How’s that for a suggestion?) In my career as a Hypnotherapist, I have helped many clients overcome addiction including, alcohol and heroin.

The medical definition of an addiction whether it be heroin or any other drug including prescribed medication is this.

  1. To continue to receive any benefit from an addictive substance you have to continually increase the dose.
  2. You have to have the addictive substance in your blood stream to function normally.
  3. You have no choice, you feel that you, have to have it.

In the late 1990’s a man of 28 years old came to see me to help him overcome his, 10 year addiction to heroin. He said that pop stars and film stars would struggle to afford his addiction and went on to say at times he spent £1000 a day on heroin. This man did not have a job, he had stolen from everyone he loved, sold everything he owned including his body to get the drug.

He told me the amount of heroin he needed just to function had increased year on year and many of his friends had died through overdosing on the drug. He said that he had been shunned by society and most of his family, but even this had no effect.

He told me that if he couldn’t get the drug he could not sleep, that he would shiver and shake until he got his next fix.

I listened to this man’s sad story and something occurred to me that changed a long, held belief of mine, and which ultimately led to me helping over 20,000 smokers quit.

The understanding is this.

  1. Smokers, settle on a number of cigarette’s per day, and then smoke that same amount each day for the rest of their life. They do not have to continually increase the dose, year on year.
  2. The majority of smokers will sleep throughout the night, at the same rate of hours as non-smokers. If someone is smoking 20 cigarette’s per day and sleep for 8 hours that is an average of 1 cigarette every 35 minutes throughout the day. They then sleep for 8 hours without the need for a cigarette. If smoking was an addiction and they are smoking a cigarette every 35 minutes because their body needs the substance to function, (as in the example of the heroin client above) they would not be able to sleep.
  3. Smokers settle on the number of cigarettes they smoke based on one of two criteria, social or financial. Smokers make a decision on how many cigarettes they smoke, based on what they can afford, or in what environment they work or live in. The heroin addict does not have the luxury of that choice.

Once this understanding has been conveyed to my client and the belief that they are addicted to cigarettes undermined, I explain how we learn and the power of habitual behaviour in enabling us as human beings to function at the level that we function at. I then explain that with hypnosis the habitual, programming can be changed, to a more positive skill. Then with a technique that I call Parts Negotiation, together with the client I make the changes at an unconscious level that enable the client to quit the habit easily, automatically and painlessly.

If you would like to learn more about Parts Negotiation you can get my book on Amazon – it’s available in paperback and Kindle