If you want to achieve more in your Life, Sport or Career , I can help you.

Clients seen since 1995

“how can someone without the actual skills needed to achieve success in a particular field, help someone else achieve their full potential in that field?”

In 1995 I qualified as a Hypnotherapist. In 1999 I founded the UK Hypnotherapy Training College . The UKHTC has been rebranded as The Jacquin Hypnosis Academy which I run with my son Anthony. Our Academy trains people around the world to become effective, competent Hypnotherapist’s.

Over the past twenty years, I have helped people from a range of sports, careers and entertainment. People such as TV news readers, actors, national champion MMA fighters, cyclists, squash player, premiership footballers, snooker players, business people and world class magician.

Do I need to be 17 stone of muscle, have jujitsu, karate and boxing skills to help an MMA heavyweight fighter reach their potential? No, what I need is the ability to eliminate any negative beliefs, irrational doubts and increase desire, ambition and determination for that person.

This ability enables me to help people with a vast range of sporting, professional and life goals, in the same way that Angelo Dundee helped Mohamed Ali become the best boxer the world will ever know. Angelo Dundee did not have Ali’s physicality, natural talent, fearlessness or skill but what he did have was the ability to get his fighter’s mind in the right condition to achieve greatness.

I am the creator of The Arrow Technique which enables anyone who learns the technique to help other eliminate, physical and emotional pain. 

I am an author of novels and the book, “Hypnotherapy” which enables people to learn my techniques and methods.

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