VIDEO REVEALS: My Eleven Magic Words for Client Success

Hypnotherapists – Psychotherapists – NLP Practitioners – Wellness Coaches

Discover the 11 Words to Say at the beginning of every session to dramatically improve your client’s experience and outcome.

(even if you’re just starting out as a therapist)

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What this Video will teach you…

How to dramatically improve your client’s experience and outcomes!

The 3 Most Important Tips:

  • How To Instantly Anchor Yourself into a Positive Mindset for Every First Session

  • How To Silently Create Amazing Rapport with Every Client

  • How To Be The Jedi Master of Positive Intentions

About The Author

Freddy Jacquin is the founder of the UK Hypnotherapy Training College. His book, Hypnotherapy, describes the methods and techniques that he has personally developed and his own beliefs and philosophies on how and why hypnosis works. Freddy is also the creator of The Arrow Technique, a protocol; that has travelled the globe and enables anyone who learns the technique to help others eliminate, physical and emotional pain.  

Over the past twenty five years, Freddy has helped people from a range of sports, careers and entertainment. People such as TV news readers, actors, national champion MMA fighters, cyclists, squash player, premiership footballers, snooker players, business people and world class magicians.

Freddy has also created a movement at This is the World’s first Quit Smoking Honesty Project. All funds will be donated to Children’s Cancer Charities. Anyone who knows Freddy will tell you that his generosity and genuine love of Hypnosis as an agent for change is both infectious and reassuring.