I specialise in a brief, solution-focused approach. That means we will focus on problem-solving and your future, rather than counselling, analysis or exploration. The therapy will always have a well-defined goal.

Freddy Jacquin

one to one Hypnotherapy

I have helped over 30,000 clients
and run a business based on
referrals since 1995.

If you want to change unwanted behaviours in yourself, feel confident and motivated, lose your fears and achieve your physical and mental potential then I can show you how.

Freddy Jacquin

During the consultation (in person or over Skype) I will explain how I work and I will hypnotise you. If you then wish to proceed, we will work towards a resolving the problem and empowering you to have the life you want.

I follow this with one or two sessions face-to-face or on Skype and follow up with ongoing support if necessary

You will benefit from the first session you have with me. Our contact will vary to suit your needs. Many problems are resolved in one session but I always make it clear in the first appointment how long I expect things to take. I have found when one behavioural change occurs, other issues often come to the surface. To ensure thorough, long-term change, subsequent appointments should be done. I therefore only see clients for a minimum three session.


The fee is £195.00 per session (minimum three sessions) – Although based in London and East Yorkshire, I will sometimes travel to my clients. I treat all enquiries in total confidence.